Abstract - Learning to work with Intangible Cultural Heritage  - a network approach


Museums in Europe have surprisingly little experience with Intangible Cultural Heritage. Only step by step have they – within the last 15 years – embraced the topic more and more and developed approaches and techniques how to introduce ICH in their every day work, in all aspects of museum work such as the Acquisition, Conservation, Research, Communication, and Exhibition.

How can networks such as NEMO support museums all over Europe to engage with ICH? Networking supports sharing information and experience at all levels, learning and adapting good practices from each other. In This presentation, I want to share three good practice examples of museums dealing very successfully with a specific aspect of work with intangible cultural heritage, and show how they and their communities have benefitted from it to inspire more museums in Europe to engage with ICH in the future.

Julia Pagel is secretary general of NEMO, the Network of European Museum Organisations (www.nemo.org). NEMO acts as European umbrella for all national museum organisations and thus speaks for over 30.000 museums in Europe. Pagel graduated with a master’s degree in Art History and Latin American Studies from Freie Universität Berlin in 2004. After her graduation, she worked at the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla/Colombia as German language and culture tutor. Before she started to work for NEMO, Pagel worked at the Film Market for the Berlinale Film Festival and for the publishing company ‘BibSpider’. From 20132017 Pagel was member and Vice-President of the Executive Committee of Culture Action Europe. She has edited numerous publications about all aspects of museum work on European level.