Dal Campo alla Tavola (From the Field to the Table)


Museum: Polo Poschiavo (cooperation with Museo Poschiavino)  website
Years: 2006-now

Polo Poschiavo (cooperation with Museo Poschiavino)

In the last 10 years we work in a cross-sectoral manner on topics related to safeguarding and valorization of ICH related to agriculture, food, handicraft. Practitioners are involved constantly in our activities such as events and courses. Annual events related to ICH are organized to involve the local population. The contribution to safeguarding ICH is related to experiences, events and courses. Also the inventorying of ICH is part of it. Our activities are integrated in the regional sustainable development strategy, which involves all economic sectors. 

Dal Campo alla Tavola (From the Field to the Table)

Description of the project / practice / program

From the Field to the Tableis an experience to narrate the agri-food chain of buckwheat. It connects farmers, a mill and a museum in a tour where you can see how buckwheat grows in the fields, how it is transformed to flour in the mill of Aino and then you cook pizzoccheri, a local buckwheat pasta dish, and taste in the Casa Tomé.This experience is available in modules and is part of the local tourist offer since 2007. To develop this tour special training courses for cultural mediators have been offered by Polo Poschiavo.

How were practitioners of intangible cultural heritage involved?

Involvement of the local heritage community took place in all development stages of the project and also in its implementation phase. From farmers to housewives there was a cross-sectoral collaboration to develop the concept. 

CV of the author

Cassiano Luminati is the director of Polo Poschiavo, Alpine competence center for continuous education and the accompaniment of regional development projects, since 2001. He is Swiss Lead Partner of the Interreg Italy-Switzerland project ‘E.CH.I’ (2007-2015) which developed the Inventory of Alpine Intangible Cultural Heritage (www.intangiblesearch.eu). Currently he is Lead Partner and Coordinator of the Interreg Alpine Space project ‘AlpFoodway’ regarding Alpine Food Heritage (www.alpfoodway.eu). He represents Switzerland in two Action Groups of the EU Macroregional Strategy for the Alpine Area EUSALP (AG3 To improve the adequacy of labour market, education and training in strategic sectors / AG6 To preserve and valorise natural resources, including water and cultural resources) (www.alpine-region.eu). Luminati was elected representative in the Parliament of the Municipality of Poschiavo and in the Executive Board of the Regione Valposchiavo, from 2002 to 2015; and elected President of Regione Valposchiavo from 2011 to 2015.


  • Participative approach: involve all actors from the beginning and make them create the content.
  • Education: develop courses to train the cultural mediators.
  • Awareness rising: show what ICH is and how important it is trough engaging intergenerational events.



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