Expert Meeting: Intangible Cultural Heritage, Museums and Participation

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During the Expert meeting on 'Intangible Cultural Heritage, Museums and Participation' participants are provided the opportunity to reflect profoundly about the meaning of participation of ICH-practitioners (communities, groups and individuals) in museum practice and policy. Who are those 'communities, groups and individuals'? What inspiring practices have been developed in museums across Europe and what can we learn from them? How can the safeguarding measures for intangible cultural heritage be developed in a profoundly participatory manner?

Position paper

Read the position paper 'Living museums for Living Intangible Cultural Heritage' written by Valentina Lapiccirella Zingari, Rosario Perricone and Pietro Clemente (SIMBDEA).




28 February 2018 from 08:00 to 16:00
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International Puppet Museum Antonio Pasqualino (Italy)


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9h Welcome

Presentation of the position paper on Intangible Cultural Heritage, Museums and Participation

'Living museums for a living heritage', written by Valentina Lapiccirella Zingari, Rosario Perricone and Pietro Clemente.


The social production of (new) imagined communities: reflections from an anthropological-political perspective

by Berardino Palumbo (University of Messina - IT)

The productive imagination of (new) M&Ms and CGIs: the politics of augmented realities, embodiment and translations

by Marc Jacobs (VUB, UNESCO chair on critical heritage studies and the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage and FARO. Flemish Interface for cultural heritage - BE)

Followed by a debate between Berardino Palumbo and Marc Jacobs on the concept of community, in the context of ICH safeguarding processes


Expert working groups on intangible cultural heritage, museums and participation

‘A beginners guide to Intangible Cultural Heritage for museums’: participatory safeguarding measures


Guided museum visit


Museums from across Europe present their inspiring cases on intangible cultural heritage and participation 

  • PARCUM (BE), Julie Aerts: Participation as a key word for integrated heritage support
  • Musées Gadagne-Musées des arts de la marionnettes (FR), Xavier de la Selle: The new permanent exhibition of the puppetry arts museum of Lyon : how to involve the inhabitants of the city in the project
  • Norwegian centre for traditional music and dance - NO, Tone Erlien: Museene danser (Dancing museums)
  • Limburgs Museum (NL), Benoit Mater: Dragons!
  • Fundaziun da cultura Lumnezia (CH), Anne-Louise Joël: crappa | Steine

Followed by a group conversation moderated by Alessandra Broccolini | SIMBDEA - IT

  • Ecomuseo del Casentino (IT), Andrea Rossi: The winter rituals of the transition to the new year in Casentino
  • Museo di Leventina (CH), Diana Tenconi: Winter sports culture
  • Zeeuws Museum (NL), Marjan Ruiter: HANDWERK
  • Stadsmuseum Lier (BE), Griet Van Opstal: Lierse Kant

Followed by a group conversation moderated by Katia Ballacchino | Università degli Studi del Molise e della Basilicata - IT

  • Musée Angoulême (FR), Emilie Salaberry: Intangible Heritage and extra-european collections
  • Castello D’Albertis Museo delle culture del mondo (IT), Maria Camilla De Palma: Behind the glass they become objects
  • Flipje en Streekmuseum Tiel (NL), Alexandra van Steen: Happiness
  • MAS | Museum aan de Stroom (BE), Sofie De Ruysser: Dia de Los Muertos 
  • Stapferhaus Lenzburg (CH), Alain Gloor: 1001 HEIMAT
  • Museo etnografico della provincia di Belluno e del Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi (IT), Daniela Perco: From the earth to the table

Followed by a group conversation moderated by Vita Santoro (Unesco Chair on Mediterranean Cultural Landscape and Communities of Knowledge, University of Basilicata; SIMBDEA - IT)


'Local knowledge and intangible cultural heritage: microeconomics for small villages and inner areas'

by Mathieu Champretavy (Maison Bruil - IT) & Tommaso Lussu (Casa Lussu - IT)


Concluding observations

by Daniele Parbuono (Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences - CN and University of Perugia - IT)

& Vito Lattanzi (Direzione generale Musei, Ministero dei Beni Culturali e del Turismo - IT)

The Expert meeting will be chaired by Valentina Lapiccirella Zingari (SIMBDEA - IT) and Lauso Zagato (Ca' Foscari University of Venice - IT)

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Four museum experts from The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, France and Belgium (twenty in total) are invited to participate to the International conference and Expert meeting on Intangible Cultural Heritage, Museums and Participation that will take place in Palermo (Italy) on Febraury 27 and 28, 2018.

If you have recently finished or initiated an inspiring project, practice or program on intangible cultural heritage in which the active participation of practitioners of intangible heritage is a strong and inherent feature, check out the call for proposals and secure your place in Palermo by submitting your example via the form below. More detailed information about the subscription modalities can be found in the Guidelines .